4 Most Famous Florida’s Politicians in the Last 20 Years

If you are looking for influential people who became that successful to represent the people living in a certain area, you should be looking at the politicians. Since people are choosing them over others, especially the ones that are chosen for a certain position, they had to do great both in their financials and their private life to live without a stain.
Since they are in position, they are idols to many, and many kids are learning that they have to be good in their life and to become successful so they can be like a certain politician, whether a president or a local representative. Some of them are famous, and some of them not so much, however, they all do things for their community and for the people who have chosen them.

In this article, we will be talking about some of the most famous politicians that are coming from Florida. Some of them are famous for a good thing, and some of them not so much.

Jane Castor


This is the most famous woman in Florida at the moment because of her decisions related to the pandemic that got all of us unready. She is the one responsible for the obligation to stay in your home during the hardest days of the pandemic. All of the businesses that were not important as much as pharmacies, places to buy food, hospitals, and other essential things, to be closed until things become better. She did this without consulting with many people, and many of the politicians who run the cities across the state followed her decision, to save the majority of the population.
She gave interviews to most of the television channels where she was asked questions that are hard to be answered even not but she still managed to hold herself and stay on her decision.

Rick Scott


As a member of the Senate, he is one of the richest members because of his good investments. He is highly involved in the medical sphere, where he started with operating one hospital, and when that went well, he bought a few more. Also, he invested in technology but it is still related to the medical field. He invested in a system about medical information to be gathered on the internet so many hospitals can have information for a better working process.

He was involved in a program where he didn’t want the money from the state to be used for drugs. That is why he had everyone getting this financial help tested, and if they are positive, they had to choose another person to get their money.

Joshua Cooper


Scott J Cooper is famous but not for a good thing. He was caught in a picture while being on a boat with a mannequin where he seems to sexually harass the doll with an iced dildo. He, later on, tells that it was just caught in a bad moment and he denies doing that.

Wilton Simpson


This is the person who has the function as a president of the legislature’s upper chamber where he is the one who is deciding whether certain things will happen or not. The things that he is involved in our politics with the gun usage, and whether someone should be and someone should not be allowed to own one. However, he is the most famous because he is working in a better environment. He is working combined with people who are activists for clean earth and had projects with cleaning certain lakes and rivers in Florida.

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