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4 Top Ways Tech Can Help Delivery Drivers 

There is no doubt that tech can provide a major boost in all sorts of different job roles, and this is certainly true in the world of delivery drivers. Knowing all about how you can improve your work or grow your company can present all sorts of different advantages that …

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OpenLoad Shut Down by Anti-Piracy Alliance

We’ve been following the progress of the ” anti-piracy” alliance and were shocked to discover their new tactic against Openload. The group (often referred to as “AAA” or ” the alliance”) has a rather poor track record, as their track record of attacking torrent sites and shutting them down has …

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How To Install One Alliance Reborn Kodi Builds

For those who dont know what to do with kodi, i will guide you in the steps of installing one alliance reborn builds on kodi. After installing the One Alliance Reborn build, you will have to have a working one-click install of the Windows 10 version of KODI before you …

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