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It’s only natural to want to transport the freedom of a dirt bike on the road with you. Vehicles have been designed for you to be able to take a bicycle on the road, in case of a rainy day, or just to get around town. But there are some vehicles that look like they can fit a dirt bike, and some that the bike will easily fit, yet won’t.

If you have a dirt bike, you probably want to ride it in a vehicle that’s designed for off-roading. Now that we’ve covered cars, trucks, and vans, what about SUVs? As you can imagine, SUVs are designed to handle a wide variety of off-road situations. So, if a dirt bike can fit inside an SUV, can a dirt bike fit inside of a minivan?

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If you need to travel far from home on your motorcycle, you will need transportation other than a car. Most motorcyclists recommend driving to where you want to ride your motorcycle, as the round trip can be tedious and usually illegal, as most motorcycles are not allowed on the road. The question is which vehicles have enough room to accommodate your motorcycle when you need to move it. Bicycles can be transported in most vans, trucks and some SUVs if they have enough cargo space for the length of the bike, which is usually about 2.5 meters.

However, different models may have different ranges, so it is important to measure the length of your dirt bike beforehand. Different models of the same vehicle are suitable for motorcycles and others are not. This depends on the size and load capacity as well as the number of passengers. Another important factor is determining the length of your bike. To get an idea of bike length, including a list of many examples of popular bike models and their lengths, see Average Bike Length (with 17 examples) here.



Dirt bikes are great, no doubt about it. With an average length of 85.7 inches (about 217.7 centimeters) and an average width of 32.4 inches (about 82.3 centimeters), your average dirt bike will not easily fit in a small van or minivan. The average adult weighs about 97 kg (215 pounds). They also can’t be easily disassembled like bikes, which limits storage options somewhat. Fortunately for you, there are vans designed to carry large items, and most of these vans can easily carry most (but maybe not all at once) dirt bikes.

Ram C/V Tradesman

The 2015 Ram C/V Tradesman is a full-size van that has been modified to have the space and functionality of a smaller minivan body. It’s like a Mary Poppin bag – it can park and fit in a space the size of a minivan and still hold almost everything. The payload is 861 kg (1,900 lbs). With a width of 79 inches and a length of 203 inches, there is plenty of room in the back for at least one motorcycle. Depending on the size of your bikes, you can even fit two in the back. As long as they are less than 39.5 inches wide, you can easily carry both bikes. You just don’t have room for anyone else on the back, so choose your bike buddy carefully.

Chevrolet Express Cargo

This van is designed to carry a lot of cargo, so you can easily fit two (or more) bikes in the back. Some models are longer than others, but even the shorter Chevrolet Express Cargo models are wide and long enough to accommodate and transport motorcycles. The 135-inch Chevrolet Express G2500 has a payload of 3247 pounds (1473 kg) and the 135-inch Chevrolet Express G3500 has a payload of 4120 pounds (1869 kg). For more information about dimensions, please visit the Chevrolet website. TIP You will definitely need a good set of loading ramps if you want to transport your bike in almost any vehicle. On this page you can see the best loading ramps: The best motorcycle ramps: They’re the best of the bunch!

Ram Promaster City

This cutie is another van, so it’s no surprise that there’s easily room for all the bikes and just about anything else you want to put in the trunk. The payload is lower than the other vans on this list at 798 to 855kg, so it can’t carry piles of gold bars, but you’ll only need it for your bikes, which weigh much less than a pile of gold. The van’s high center of gravity is something to be careful of, so be very careful when cornering.

Toyota HiAce

The Toyota HiAce is a huge van, designed to carry large items, so two bikes will suffice when needed. The Toyota HiAce 280 has a payload of 1,050 kg (2,314 pounds) and the Toyota HiAce 300 has a payload of 1,170 kg (2,579 pounds). The only problem with this car is that it’s not for sale in the US, so the choice is limited. But if you live in the US, don’t give up just yet. There are ways to import Toyota HiAce vans from Japan to the United States. Check this page to see if you can reserve your own Toyota HiAce. However, if you don’t want to incur the cost of importing a full van from another country, a Ford Transit Connect LW may be an alternative.

All terrain vehicles

SUVs aren’t just for transporting your family to basketball games or road trips. These light trucks also have the capacity to carry loads. You just have to be careful to find models that are really big enough for motorcycles to ride on dirt roads. But don’t worry! We are ready to help you.

Ford Excursion

There’s a reason two bikes fit in the trunk of the Ford Excursion: it’s very, very long. The 2024 is 575 cm long and 203 cm wide, so it will certainly fit two bikes. The 2024 Ford Excursion has a payload of 685 to 884 kg (1,512 to 1,950 pounds), so weight isn’t an issue either. The only real problem with this model is the length. Yes, it can and will easily accommodate bikes, motorcycles and maybe even a T-Rex, but it is also huge and will be harder to maneuver and fit into parking lots. That’s just the price you have to pay for something so generous.

Cadillac Escalade

This SUV is almost as massive as the Ford Excursion. The 2024 is 83 cm (212 inches) long and 32 cm (81 inches) wide, so it won’t be hard to fit two bikes in this SUV. The payload of the same 2024 Ford Excursion also ranges from 800 to 851 kg (1,765 to 1,877 pounds). Not only can this model carry motorcycles, but it also has HD surround vision, a pedestrian forward braking system, and a pedestrian reverse warning system that can be useful when two motorcycles are actively obstructing rear visibility.

Chevrolet Tahoe

The 2024 Chevy Tahoe has a payload of 770-791 kg (1698-1745 pounds). With a length of 535 centimetres, off-roading is not a problem, as it is with the other models. This SUV is highly recommended as an excellent vehicle for transporting motorcycles. Be careful and only use it if you don’t mind damaging the interior by putting two dirty bikes on the back seat. Engines in the back of a Chevy Tahoe is only worth it for people who aren’t afraid to get a little dirty….. So, it may not be the best option if you are sharing this SUV with someone who cares about looks. Or make it a habit to wash the inside after every bike ride.



Powerful engines and large open bodies make these trucks the obvious choice for transporting motorcycles. The article on this website about mounting a motorcycle in a car carrier with the tailgate upwards describes which car carriers are suitable for each type of motorcycle. But here’s a chart you can use to determine if your bike will fit in the cargo area of your truck:

Size of the cargo area Will it fit an adult bike (7ft)?
Long bed (8 feet) Yes
Medium bed (6 feet 5 inches) No
Short bed (5 feet 8 inches) No

Some trucks are suitable for dirt bikes, but like I said, it depends on each case. Another way to determine if your truck can accommodate a motorcycle is to measure the length and width of the cargo area. Even if your luggage compartment is not as long as your bike, you can still find room for it if you put the bike diagonally. You probably already know this, but if you use the Pythagorean theorem (from school), you can measure the width and length of the cargo area, then square it and add it up. Calculate the square root of this number and obtain the length of the hypotenuse (the diagonal along which the truck lies).


In the image above, the width is A, the length is B, and the final length of the diagonal is C. If you are not sure if your truck will fit your engine, try this method. If you pull it over, you can only take one bike, but it’s still better than nothing. However, there are good trucks out there that are big enough for just about any motorcycle. Let’s take a look at some of these samples. TIPS: As you can see, determining the length of a motorcycle is not always the answer to whether it will fit in your car. For a long list of popular bike models and their actual sizes, see the article Average bike sizes (with 21 examples) here.

Ford F-350 XL

This monochrome van is not only beautiful: The 2024 model year Ford F-350 XL also has a payload of 3,893 to 4,422 pounds (or 1,765 to 1,915 kg). We know it’s not a monster truck, but it’s close. But before you head to the nearest dealer to buy one, it’s worth noting that reliability ratings for the Ford F-350 XL (at least for the 2024 model) are low. At Repairlpal.com, the Ford F-350 XL received 1.5 out of 5 stars for reliability. The reliability scale takes into account the cost of repairs, the severity of repairs, and how often Ford F-350 XL owners need to have their vehicle repaired for unforeseen reasons. While this is an option for transporting motorcycles, it can be a drain on your wallet later on.

Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger is a mid-size pickup truck that is perfect for transporting dirt bikes. The extended-cab bed is certainly long enough to accommodate a motorcycle, and the 2024 Ford Ranger’s payload ranges from 730 to 965 kg (1,609 to 2,128 pounds). You’d think the Ford Ranger could easily haul two motorcycles; the only problem is that the bed isn’t wide enough for two average-sized adult bikes. The average width of an adult bicycle is 32.4 inches. Both dirt bikes will be 64.8 inches wide and the Ford Ranger Sleeper truck will be about 54 inches wide. It’s not enough to carry two bikes, but if you only have one, this truck is perfect for you.

Toyota Tacoma

Since installing a motorcycle in a Toyota Tacoma vehicle is a very popular request, we have prepared an article entirely dedicated to the different motorcycles that can be installed in the trunk of the Toyota Tacoma. In this article, you’ll learn which models and types of motorcycles can be stowed in the trunk of the various Tacoma versions.

Dodge Ram 3500

The Dodge Ram 3500 has the lowest payload of any Dodge Ram model. But it still has a payload of 1,628 kg (3,590 lbs), making it strong enough to carry two (or more) bikes. And the width (83.5 inches or 212 centimeters) is enough to accommodate two full-size bikes. Not only is this heavy-duty pickup more than capable of hauling your motorcycles, but Motortrend.com named the 2024 model Truck of the Year for being the automaker’s largest and most capable mainstream pickup. If you are looking for a new truck, then the Dodge Ram 3500 may be the best option for you. Not only is it capable of hauling motorcycles (and just about anything else you want), but its efficiency and capabilities in other areas were enough to beat the Ford F-350 and the Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD, at least according to Motortrend.

Other solutions


Let’s face it: Sometimes the bike won’t fit in the car you have, even if you push and shove. You may have a motorcycle, but you can’t fit it into the only vehicle you have. Or maybe your SUV matches a motorcycle perfectly, but you don’t want to ruin the interior of your new SUV with a rough and dirty motorcycle. Anyway, don’t worry about it. You’re not the only one with this problem, and there are other ways to transport motorcycles (than trying to fit them in a too-small car). One of the best solutions is to invest in a motor coupler. Instead of trying to mount two bikes in the back of your new minivan, you can buy a tow bar for $100 to $200, which may seem like a lot, but it’s a smart investment.

Would you rather buy a brand new car that has room for two motorcycles, or would you rather spend two Benjamins to make sure you get motorcycles no matter which car you use? Depending on your needs, you can buy a single or double motor coupler. The use of a motorcycle hitch or trailer is strongly recommended for frequent drivers. Mounting the bikes this way is much kinder to the back and interior of your vehicle than simply cramming them into vans that aren’t designed to handle this kind of weight. Motorcycle trailers (at least the good ones) cost a lot more, but they’re worth it if you have two heavy motorcycles that you need more than a small tow bar you can attach to the back of your car.

Useful information

  • Average motorcycle weight (with 27 examples) – Remember to take into account the rated payload of your vehicle and the actual weight of your motorcycle. It is extremely important to check all this before you leave. Find out the weights of many popular motorcycle models in this article.
  • What size trailer do you need to transport 2, 3, 4 or 5 bikes? – If you’ve given up trying to fit your old bike in your car, you may need to buy a trailer. But how many motorcycles will fit in the trailer you are planning? This article will answer that question.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a dirt bike fit in a van?

Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, and whether you’re traveling with a dirt bike or a street bike, it’s important to know if your vehicle can accommodate a dirt bike. A dirt bike can be categorized by size. Small dirt bikes fit in small vehicles, mid-sized dirt bikes fit in midsized vehicles, and large dirt bikes fit in large vehicles. A common question on our forums is which vehicles can fit a dirt bike. The question came up when a member found an old dirt bike in a junkyard, and thought it might fit in a van. Did it? How would you find out? The short answer is that yes, a dirt bike can fit in a van, but it will take a little work.

What cars can carry a dirt bike?

Before buying a vehicle to transport your dirt biking hobby, you should know what vehicle you can actually fit your motorcycle in. The most common vehicle for car hauling is the pickup truck. The pickup truck is not only good for carrying heavy things around, but it is also a quick vehicle for travel. The bed of the truck is also very versatile, as you can get it lowered to fit your bike, and you can also get a gas cap carrier to make sure the filler cap doesn’t fly off when you are traveling.

It’s a good idea to check the fit of your vehicle before taking your dirt bike out on the road. You wouldn’t want to push your bike inside of your car, for instance, only to find out that there isn’t enough space for it to fit. For dirt bikes, just about any vehicle can carry it, so long as you can make space for it. But if you’re not sure whether your vehicle can carry a dirt bike, go ahead and ask.

What trucks can fit a motorcycle?

Summer is coming up and we can all agree that traveling with a motorcycle is a bit of a bummer. You can easily fit a few guitars or a few surfboards in the back of a pickup, but it’s not so easy to squeeze a motorcycle past the engine and frame. So which vehicles can fit a dirt bike, you ask? The answers to these questions vary slightly, depending on the make and model of dirt bike, but the good news is that every car on the list can fit a motorcycle. Car Model Year Capacity (L – XL) Motorcycle Size (L – XL) Year Model List 1 You may also have ever wondered which vehicles can fit a motorcycle?

The answer is “it depends”. That is because different vehicles have different engine sizes. Also, this is important to note that the size of the vehicle has a lot to do with it. It is also important to note that vehicles can fit a dirt bike if the right steps are taken. We all might know what vehicles can fit a dirt bike, but it is good to know this information.

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