4 Biggest Political Scandals In The United States In The Last 30 Years

Politicians are people who should be an example that everyone should follow. However, it shows that it is not like that and that they have not been clear and honestly most of the time. Since they have power, they tend to do some deals that will bring them profit but it might hurt the population that they represent. Some of these deals may come up and be scandalous. That ruins their reputation and that is something that nobody wants to be taken away from them especially influential people like them.

Scandals like these have cost them their positions because their dirt comes to sight and people don’t want to support them anymore. There have been many of them, and from different types, but they still have made to the public and caused the consequences that followed.

In this article, we will talk about some of the biggest political scandals in the Us that happened in the past.



This is maybe one of the most popular scandals that happened in the past. It involves president Nixon, who was heard on recordings with a tapped phone that is a part of braking in the Watergate building in Washington. It is one of the most famous scandals because that made him lose his position, and resign. When the trial was up, many of his close people were sent to jail, but he was spared.



Another scandal that has involved a president of the states. It’s about Reagan. The second time he was voted, he made a deal to sell arms to Iran for a mission and used the funds that he got from there to equip the Contras. This was processed on television and was seen that a marine has been a part of this operation. Many of the close people and the ones involved in this situation were set free, and the president has been spared as well.

Florida Gov. accused of sexual gestures towards a female mannequin


Maybe not one of the most famous, but quite an awkward one. This scandal is about Florida Governor Rick Scott was accused that he was doing something sexually suspicious with a mannequin, holding what many have called an “ice penis”, as indicated by Scott Jason Cooper.

This happened because of a picture that he was caught doing something similar, but his consultant stated that it has never happened and that the photo is just caught at the wrong moment. Quite a bizarre accusation, but it still happened.

Clinton and Levinsky


It is one of the most famous cheating scandals that happened in the US. There were rumors that Clinton is being unfaithful to his wife with a woman who worked in the white house. Firstly, they have denied the accusations, but after the DNA samples, they confirmed. This is really bad for someone in his position to happen because they are seen as role models and their reputation after situations like these drops instantly.

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