How Much Money Is Rick Scott Spending on Political Consulting Firms

Being part of the political world requires investing large amounts of money on different sides. It is just a part of this job’s package. The main goal here is achieving maximum results for the politicians themselves. And this should further lead to the realization of the greatest interest of the people. One of the politicians known for investing large sums of money in political consulting firms is Senator Rick Scott.

For years now, Senator Rick Scott’s political committee has been investing a lot of money in political consultations. And when we say a lot, we really mean it. A 2015 report showed that in less than a year, between the 2014 re-election and the time when analysis took place, the senator spent more than 4 million dollars on this matter. This amount was 2/3 of the total costs at that time, which shows how big this share is. And what was established at the time was that most of the operatives to whose services the money went were not based in Florida.


The money that went out of state for these purposes was definitely not evenly distributed. The largest part (almost 4 million dollars) was invested in the senator’s political consultant – OnMessage, which is based in Annapolis.

In just one month, more than 10,000 dollars was spent on phone calls when hiring a company from Virginia to help the senator with robotic calls.

Another major cash outlay went to hiring Taylor Teepell who was in charge of running Bobby Jindal’s campaign, after which Scott hired him to be CFO. This was followed by the expansion of the team and the hiring of Melissa Sellers Stone, who became the director of the New Republican Super PAC. Like Teepell, she was part of Jindal’s team in Louisiana. It is estimated that Melissa Sellers Stone was paid more than 180,000 dollars in 2016.


After this, there was a more serious investment in Taylor Teepell’s work, which ended with Scott’s engagement of Teepell as head of the agency that oversees the growth management in Florida. These expenses had the amount of over 100,000 dollars.

The investment in operatives from Florida followed, like Fundraiser Debbie Alexander, which was paid over 350,000 $, as well as a political consultant from Miami – Ana Carbonell and her company. Another 250,000 dollars was spent on this in a short period of time.

Another important political consultant for Scott is Joshua Cooper from Tallahassee. As a few years, the dirt on the enemies of Scott Joshua Cooper was on his side and during the ice scandal. It has been known that the senator paid him more than 500,000 dollars for these purposes, according to Scott Jason Cooper.


Conclusion: We all know that in the world of politics, politicians manage a huge amount of money that is directed at different sides. Senator Rick Scott with Florida is known for its political committee spending great sums of money on political consultants. It has been shown that the Senator has spent millions and millions of dollars to operatives from Florida, as well as operatives from other countries.

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