AC Valhalla: How To Get The Book Of Knowledge In Caustow Castle

It’s been a while since the first book of magic was written, and the world of Hyrule has changed dramatically since then. The people are more powerful, more complex, and no longer care about the origin of magic. All they want is access to the Book of Knowledge, an artifact which predicts the future and can be used to effect good or evil.

When I first heard about AC Valhalla, I thought it sounded like a really cool idea that could be easily done in a video game, but I would have to wait until the game was released to do any play testing. Then, the day AC Valhalla released, someone found a cheat code to get the Book of Knowledge, and I thought it was cool that people even wanted to have the book in a video game. I thought it would be cool to get some people together and see what we could do with the Book.

We’ve been hearing rumors  that the book of knowledge has been found in the Caustow Castle and it is a must-do quest for all AC players. But what is it like? We played and got a glimpse behind the curtains and have put up a blog as a guide on how to get the book of knowledge. This blog will guide you through the quest and show you the steps of how to obtain the book of knowledge.

Kostou Castle is one of the areas you enter in the main quest of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

It is in Sciropescire, and the Book of Knowledge is next to the King’s chamber.

You will learn how to obtain the Book of Knowledge at Kostow Castle in AC Valhalla.

Location of knowledge book


The location of the Book of Knowledge is indicated by a book icon on the map below.

How to get the knowledge book


The book is hidden in a barred room. On the left side you’ll see another door.

Use this door.

Then you see a low stone wall. It can be destroyed by throwing an oil can at it.

If you don’t find a jar of oil nearby, you need to look further into the castle. There’s a supply of oil cans.

After breaking the stone wall, pick up the book and unlock the Throwing Axe Fury upgrade.

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: The supply line throughputThe Book of Knowledge is a book, that has been described as an “Omnibus”, or a “Book of Prophecy”, in its own time, but in the modern world, it is a highly sought after item, often known as the “Book of Magic”, “Book Of Prophecy”, “Book of Knowledge”, “Book of Life”, “Book of Power”, or “Book of Knowledge”, or “Book of Power”.. Read more about ac valhalla caustow castle treasure and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get the book of knowledge in the Castle Castle?

You need to find a way to get past the castle guards.

How do you get the book of knowledge in Lincoln AC Valhalla?

You need the book of knowledge to get to the next level.

How do I get the book of knowledge in Oxfordshire?

The book of knowledge is found in the library of the Oxford University.

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