Farah Hayes


Cinematic Casinos: How Gambling is Portrayed in Hollywood Films

Cinematic Casinos: Gambling has long been a popular theme in Hollywood films, often portrayed as a thrilling and exciting activity. From classic mob movies to more recent blockbusters, the allure of gambling is omnipresent on the silver screen. But how does Hollywood portray the reality of casinos and gambling? Through …

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A World Away: How Influence of Vegas Extends to Australia

Welcome to our article about the world away, where we explore how the influence of Vegas extends to Australia. For centuries, Vegas has been a destination for people looking for thrills and entertainment. Nowadays its reach is far more expansive than ever before, from its home in Nevada across the …

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From Sydney to Melbourne: A Guide to Australia for High-Rollers

Are you looking for a luxurious getaway to Australia? From Sydney to Melbourne, this guide will take high-rollers on an experience they won’t soon forget. Enjoy the stunning beauty of Sydney Harbor and explore its vibrant nightlife before heading south to Melbourne’s hidden gems. Along the way, discover some of …

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