How to Change Location on Pokemon Go

Are you ready to explore the exciting world of Pokemon Go? Then you will need to know how to change your location to get the most out of this popular augmented reality game. Whether youre a veteran trainer or just starting, knowing how to move around the game’s map is essential for progression and collecting new creatures.

Here we will guide you through all the steps necessary so that you can take advantage of every corner of this virtual landscape!

Updating Location Settings


Updating Location Settings in Pokemon Go is an easy process that allows players to keep their gaming experience as accurate and up-to-date as possible. Ensuring your location information is correct helps the game run more smoothly and ensures you get all of the rewards, challenges, and features available based on where you are playing.

To update your location settings, first open your device’s settings menu. Then locate the ‘location’ or ‘geolocation’ option (it may have a different name depending on what type of device youre using).

Once selected, make sure it is set to on so that the game can access your current position when needed. Afterward, simply open up Pokemon Go again – this should trigger a prompt from the app asking if it can use your current location for accuracy purposes – select yes and enjoy! By taking these steps to keep your location information updated in Pokemon Go, you’ll ensure that every time you play it’s tailored just for you!

Changing GPS Coordinates

Changing GPS Coordinates in Pokemon Go is a popular way to get around the game’s geo-locking restrictions. It allows players to explore different parts of the world, without ever leaving their homes.

However, it can be difficult to understand how to change your location correctly. In this article, we will go through step-by-step instructions on how to alter your GPS coordinates and achieve success in Pokemon Go.

We also discuss some important safety tips for those using this method so you can stay safe while playing the game. With this guide, you’ll soon have all the tools necessary for changing your location on Pokemon Go with ease!

Using a VPN to Access Locations


If you are a Pokemon Go enthusiast and want to access different locations from around the world without leaving your home, then using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an ideal solution. Using a VPN offers players several benefits, including improved privacy protections and access to foreign game servers.

Furthermore, it allows users to hide their real IP address so they can appear as if they are in another geographic location than where they are. Setting up a VPN is relatively simple: all one needs is an internet connection and some software such as TunnelBear or CyberGhost.

After downloading the appropriate program, players simply need to choose which server location best suits them before connecting with that network. Once connected, the player’s device will be able to connect with international game servers – allowing for much more varied gameplay than would otherwise be available! For those who want more control over their experience while playing Pokemon Go abroad, there are advanced settings available through most providers that allow users to customize how data moves between their device and the remote server.

Some of these options include adjusting data encryption levels and enabling specific ports for certain types of traffic; both of these features can help make sure that gaming sessions remain secure while also ensuring fast speeds when playing on foreign networks. Using a VPN opens up new possibilities for Pokemon Go players wanting to explore other parts of the world without having to leave home; it provides a unique way for players to protect themselves online while still engaging in exciting global adventures within this popular mobile app!

Taking Advantage of In-Game Events

Taking advantage of in-game events is a great way to change location on Pokemon Go without having to physically move. Special events like Community Days and Safari Zones can provide players with unique opportunities that they wouldn’t otherwise have.

During Community Days, certain rare Pokémon appear more frequently than usual, giving trainers the chance to catch them for their collection. Meanwhile, at Safari Zones, specific regional species of Pokémon are available for capture in designated areas around the world. Attending these events also allows players to meet up with friends and make new ones while playing together—making it easier to complete various tasks during the game.

Additionally, some locations offer special bonuses or rewards when attending an event such as discounts or exclusive items that aren’t available elsewhere. By taking part in in-game activities such as these regularly, Pokémon Go players everywhere can progress much faster without having to move from place to place!


Pokémon GO

Changing location on Pokemon Go is no longer as difficult as it used to be. Thanks to the new Anygo, users can now easily change their locations without having to worry about being banned or losing their progress. With this app, all you need is an Internet connection and a compatible device, and you’ll be able to switch between different countries with ease.

Whether youre looking for rare Pokemon or just want to explore a different area in-game, iFoneTool has got you covered. So go ahead and give it a try today; your journey awaits!

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