Cushion Cut, Princess Cut, and Beyond: Diamond Shapes Explained

When it comes to buying a diamond, there is often an overwhelming array of choices. From the traditional round cut to more modern cuts like the cushion and princess cut, understanding your options is key when making such an important decision.

In this article we will explore various diamond shapes and explain their unique characteristics so that you can make a well-informed choice. Get ready for an in-depth look at all things diamonds!

A Soft and Romantic Look Princess Cut:


The princess cut diamond is an incredibly popular choice for those looking to make a romantic statement. Its square shape and pointed corners lend it an air of elegance that makes it a wonderful option for engagement rings, pendants, and other jewelry pieces. The softness of the cut also helps to create a more subtle look compared to other diamond shapes like cushion cuts or rounds.

The princess cut also offers excellent brilliance due to its larger table facet which allows light to be reflected in many directions, creating beautiful sparkle that will catch anyones eye. With its unique silhouette and delicate feel, this classic diamond shape is sure to stand out in any setting.

A Classic Choice for an Elegant Sparkle Beyond: Diamond Shapes Explained:


When it comes to diamond shape, the choices are virtually endless. From traditional round and princess cuts to cushion cut diamonds that offer a more unique sparkle, there is something for everyones style.

But what makes each of these shapes so special? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular diamond shapes and how they differ from one another. The classic round cut is an enduring favorite among many couples due to its timeless brilliance and elegant sparkle.

This shape offers maximum fire and shine, making it stand out in any setting or design. Additionally, this shape can help make a smaller stone appear larger than life as light reflects off all the curves in its facets.

For those searching for something with more unique characteristics without straying too far from tradition, consider the cushion cut diamond – sometimes referred to as pillow-cut or candlelight. It features rounded corners like rounds but offers softer angles on shoulders that result in a warmer glow compared to other cuts – such as emerald or Asscher-cuts – while still radiating superb brightness and clarity when properly cut by an expert gem cutter . Then there’s the iconic princess-cut diamond which has become increasingly popular over recent years thanks to its square silhouette combined with pointed corners that give it impressive elegance and sophistication no matter what size you choose (or budget!).

Its sharp edges create stunning contrast when set in certain styles of jewelry while also offering plenty of room for creativity during customization efforts if desired!

Exploring the World of Fancy Cuts


When it comes to diamonds, there is a dizzying array of cuts available. Cushion cut and princess cut are two of the most popular shapes, but theyre hardly the only options.

Beyond these traditional styles, diamond shoppers have access to an exciting world of fancy shapes that can be used to create truly unique pieces. From emerald cuts to heart-shaped diamonds, theres something for every taste! Each style offers its own set of advantages and drawbacks, making it important for anyone interested in buying a diamond to understand the differences between them. In this article well explore some of the more unusual diamond shapes out there and discuss their features so you can decide which is right for your next purchase.


The world of diamond shapes and cuts can be a daunting one. There are so many options to choose from, ranging from classic favorites like the cushion cut or princess cut diamonds to more unique shaped stones like marquise or pear-shaped diamonds.

Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring or just a special piece of jewelry, there is something that will suit your individual style. With all these choices, its important to know what each type of diamond shape means in order to select the right stone for your needs.

From traditional staples such as round brilliant and emerald cuts to more modern styles such as heart and oval shapes, there is sure to be a diamond out there with just the right sparkle factor for your special moment!

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