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The Sailor Moon Tarot (Majors only)

There are many tarot decks on the market, but check out this amazing deck of 78 cards called the Sailor Moon Tarot! I was really surprised when I first saw this deck: it’s got a Celtic Cross design, and I was expecting the usual Rider-Waite-Smith design, with a key card on the bottom right. Instead, it’s got a Celtic Cross on its front cover, and a lot of other cool artwork on the back, which makes this deck a lot more difficult to shuffle!

The Sailor Moon fans in the forum have been pretty patiently waiting for the tarot cards that were announced at the Digimon Adventure 15th Anniversary Project. Well, it’s finally here!

The Sailor Moon Tarot was created to bring the characters of Sailor Moon to life in a new way. It is a tribute to the original Sailor Moon anime and manga series created by Naoko Takeuchi. The cards use the tarot structure with their Major Arcana, each illustrating a different character from the Sailor Moon world.


Throughout my childhood I was a big fan of Sailor Moon. In a previous post, I mentioned how I named my Darien/Smoking Musk violin. Darien in training, Tuxedo Musk at concerts. And one day, a friend told me there was a Sailor Moon tarot. Not surprisingly, I bought it within minutes of hearing of its existence. Although I’ve had this game for a few years now, I’ve never taken the time to write anything about it. Finally, here it is: Sailor Moon Crystal Tarot, Head Arcanum. The back of the cards… Well, uh… Since this is a Sailor Moon tarot deck, it’s forgivable.


Is this Toei Animation sticker real or fake? Argh. The only way to be sure (maybe? probably) is to peel off the sticker and examine the adhesive backing to see if it has an official watermark. But I don’t want to do that, because to me it’s a collectible game. I really don’t want to get any more involved than necessary. EDIT: It’s obviously not a fake. Toei Animation has officially licensed a limited edition Sailor Moon Crystal 25th Anniversary tarot cards, large version only, released in Taiwan. For this reason, all texts are in traditional Chinese and not in simplified Chinese. Ah-ah-ah.


This game is based on the golden dawn astrology, so to speak….. -… Manga and their animated adaptations, if I may say so, have always been strangely occult. If you see it, you see it, and you can never not see it.


For example, in modern astrology, the card of the Fool is often associated with Uranus. So, Sailor Uranus is represented on the 0 key: The fool’s map. Speaking of Sailor Uranus: If you’re not a fan of Sailor Moon. In her civilian clothes, she wears a masculine presentation outfit. And their first plots included dialogue on the subject: What a beautiful boy… Later in the story, it is revealed that Sailor Uranus is transgender. By the way, the story of Sailor Uranus was written in the 90s. So it’s not that far away. Here we go, button 1: The magician is in correlation with Mercury. Here the wizard is represented by Sailor Mercury. Sailor Moon is Luna, and therefore she is the high priestess. Button 3 : The Empress is associated with Venus, and here you see Sailor Venus. And so on.


The sailor Neptune, who is the lover of the sailor Uranus, appears in the horoscope of the Hierophant. Sailor Neptune’s mascot is a mirror that always shows the truth. She has psychic powers, can control the oceans, and is a violinist in civilian clothes. It is interesting to note the similarity of the Hierophant card, Taurus and/or Earth energies in the Tarot Key 5.


Sailor Jupiter is on both the Power Card and the Wheel of Fortune. Astrologically speaking, the key is 10: The wheel of fortune corresponding to Jupiter makes sense. I think the creator is referring to personality associations with the power card. She is best known for her inner strength, which serves as a spiritual compass for the group. In the case of the zodiac cards, the creator does not seem to have been inspired by the planetary rulers, but has integrated classical astrological interpretations into the tarot. For example, Sailor Venus is in the Lovers chart, which is the modern interpretation of love and romance for key 6.


I’ve always had a fondness for Sailor Mars from the cartoon series. Probably because it would be easier for me to cosplay her as Sailor Scout. Of course it is represented in the Rok horoscope (according to GD’s astrological correspondences it is in conjunction with Mars), but it is also represented in the Chariot horoscope. Hm. An interesting choice. The Sailor Mars manga is serious. She is goal-oriented, powerful, motivated, disciplined, and the opposite of Sailor Moon in character.

It is interesting to note that the Chariot horoscope has these qualities encoded in key 7, but astrologically it is Cancer, which has the Moon as ruler. In the English language cartoon Sailor Mars has a bad temper and gets angry at Sailor Moon all the time for not taking things seriously. If I remember correctly, there was also a story about a love triangle between Sailor Mars, Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask. (Tuxedo Musk here as Emperor, connected to the zodiac sign Aries, ruled by Mars…… Like what? I told you when you see the connection, you can’t miss it).


Key 13: The Death card (I like it, by the way; instead of the main title Death it is The Death) features Sailor Saturn, the angel of silence. No, really, it’s the title of a scout, the Silent Angel. The card of Death corresponds to the fixed sign of Scorpio, which corresponds to one of the four pillars – Silence. In addition to immobility, the forces of Sailor Saturn are associated with emptiness, destruction and demise, certainly with death (hence the key 13: a feature of the death chart) and reincarnation. As an explorer, she can destroy planets and overturn planetary orbits with her magic staff.

By the way, do you see the two plates to the left and right of each card? Not only do they show pairs of planetary glyphs that can connect explorers, but they also show each explorer’s magical talismans. For example, keys 13 and 14 show the planetary glyphs of Saturn and Pluto, with Sailor Saturn in the death theme and Sailor Pluto in the temperance theme. And in cards with Sailor Uranus or Sailor Neptune, both planetary glyphs appear in the talisman plates because the two are a pair.


Sailor Pluto, for those who know the history of Sailor Moon, has the coolest powers and features in my opinion. She is associated with the underworld and darkness, but as one of the spies fighting evil, she is good. She is also the gatekeeper of time and space, she controls both space and time. The red garnet on his magic scepter is a reference to the garnets of the underworld. The Devil Card is Sailor Moons sworn enemy, Queen Nechelenia.

Then Sailor Mars appears again, this time on the tower map, in front of Mars. Did you know that in traditional astrology, the Seven Saints are the Seven Olympian Spirits and in Gnostic cosmology, they are angelic beings with special powers? Good. Yes. They’re Boy Scouts! But instead of seven, we have nine for our solar system. Here for button 17: The star chart shows the entire scout team in a group photo.

I like it. Sailor Mini Moon, the future daughter of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask, who travels through time through the Time and Space Gate with the help of Sailor Pluto, is Key 19 : The Sun. She has the role of the Savior Messiah (although she becomes the bad lady at one point, but that aside). Sailor Pluto appears again on the 20th: Map of the court. According to biblical tradition, the Messiah returns on the last day. It is Sailor Pluto who gives Sailor Mini Moon the key to time travel. Oh yes, Sailor Pluto, who can travel through space and time, does so with buttons.


Finally, Sailor Saturn resurfaces in Key 21: The card of peace (corresponds astrologically to Saturn).


The 22-major deck is accompanied by a booklet in duplicate that contains astrological correspondences and key words of the tarot. At the very bottom there is a copyright notice for Naoko Takeuchi, the illustrator of the Sailor Moon manga. I personally do not do tarot divinations with this deck, and in fact I have not done any divinations with these cards yet. In front of it. But my point is. I didn’t buy it to read. I bought it because Sailor Moon.


As for the finish, it’s a matte finish on cardstock, which should be at least 350gsm (the same gsm I used to make the SKT cards), maybe more, as it seems to be more durable than SKT/350gsm. Maybe it’s the core or something else that gives it an extra tangible sense of permanence. The size of the card is 3.0″ x 7.0″. Compare that to the standard dimensions of tarot products (i.e. 2.75″ x 4.75″, or 70mm x 120mm). They have the feel and craftsmanship of some of those Italian art studios, handmade on the historic terraces of Marseille. The design and care of this game is impressive. I say surprising because their target audience would be perfectly happy with a fun and beautiful art game. The extra step with the tarot and astrological correspondence is great.


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“The Sailor Moon Tarot is a major arcana tarot deck inspired by the magical world of the classic anime series Sailor Moon and based on the tarot cards from the Italian Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck. Created by the tarot reader and blogger Kerry K.”. Read more about sailor moon tarot cards gold and let us know what you think.

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