3 Misconception People Have About Using Parental Control Apps

The world of parental control apps has only expanded the better our technology got. It also centers itself on being as unintrusive as possible while making your child safe. Of course, as with any subject, there are going to be some misconceptions about the way it all operates. Let’s run down some misconceptions common to parental control apps.

1. It can be deleted by our kid


Among the most common misconceptions is that the app can be easily taken off the phone by the kid or even somebody else. The thing is, once the parental control app is installed it will modify the system settings. That means even when the app is deleted the changes will stay, making the parental control integrated into the system rather than isolated to the app.

There is also the fact that the app should be installed with the child’s permission initially as well. Their consent is important because it reinforces the security aspect and has them believe our choices with the app itself. By having your kid consent to you checking their private information with parental control apps, you don’t even need to worry about them trying to undo the app’s configurations.

2. Lack of options


People usually assume that parental control apps are rather malnourished and apparent in their options. Blocking certain items, disabling features, and very little else. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The girth of options these apps have between each other is impressive to say the least.

From those specific to certain devices to those that encompass all of our children’s devices, there are many options to pick from.  You could dedicate quite a lot of time into optimizing them for maximum convenience and child safety.

Location trackers and similar such apps are also included in this elaborate web of potentially useful options so you can rest assured knowing possibilities for configuration are quite wide. Chamspy is one such tool, offering mobile tracking and monitoring on a single app. Not only that, you can record call logs, review text messages, contacts, and other activities. There are a ton of choices on this one app alone so you can bet there are far more options when all the apps are put together.

3. Difficult to use


While there are some who accuse these apps of having very few options, other are more likely to complain about them being difficult to use. It’s hard to justify such a statement when most of such apps and tools are meant to be easy to access. Their design is usually very streamlined and doesn’t rely on much more than a few clicks to get the results.

The difficulty of use also falls off due to the level of automatic actions that the apps take. Sure, you can customize them to any level you desire but even without any proper modification you’d be set. Worst case scenario, you can check out the FAQ on the app’s website. That way you can get acquainted with more elaborate uses of the tool and get a better grasp of how it works.

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