NBA Players That Love Playing Casino

NBA players are not left out of the people who love playing casino games. Most of them play it as professionals while others play it for entertainment purposes. There are many NBA players that are interested in having the fun of gambling in a Las Vegas casino and some of them have developed a burning passion for it. Every human being has their interests and with all the money NBA players can have, spending some on casino games isn’t a big deal.

As the world advances, a lot of people are now going into online casino gaming and before you go into online gambling at casinos, you have to make sure that you are playing in one of the best casinos. If you head over to, to find different casinos that would suit the type of game you play and this makes your casino research less complicated.

NBA players are just like normal human beings that also have what they love to do and casino gaming is not excluded. If you want to know some of the NBA players that engage in casino gaming, here there are:

1. Charles Oakley


Charles Oakley an American former professional basketball player that has played for the Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks, Toronto Raptors, Washington Wizards, and Houston Rockets of the National Basketball Association, is one of the popular names in the NBA and just as he was enthusiastic about the game basketball, he was about casino games. One of the things that Charles hated as a casino game player was when his opponents refused to pay him what was due to him. He even got into a fight with another NBA icon for failing to pay back about $54,000 that he owed him.

This even made Charles throw basketballs at him during a preseason match and this act made the NBA fine Charles Oakley $10,000. The other NBA player that was owing to him, paid him back his money after everything. Oakley was also known to be banned by Las Vegas casinos because he pulled back his chips when he knew he was going to lose in a Casino game.

2. Michael Jordan


Michael Jordan, the famous NBA legend is also one of the NBA players that love to play casino games. Jordan is known to love playing with his friend’s and his favorite games are craps and roulette. Michael Jordan is known to be a successful NBA player but he wasn’t all that successful in casino games as there was a time he lost around 1 million US dollars while playing crisp games.

This NBA legend is known to play sports bets like golf championships and his favorite casinos are in Atlantic City where he loves to play with colleagues and friends. Although this NBA player spent a huge amount of money on casino games, it still didn’t affect his wealth that much. Also, he stopped spending extravagantly at casinos.

3. Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley is one of the best players ever seen in the NBA and he is also among the NBA stars who are passionate about gambling and placing bets at high stakes games. But Barkley didn’t have a huge success playing casino games because, in the year 2006, he publicly admitted to his fan base that he had lost more than 10 million US dollars at a casino in Las Vegas.

Because of the downfall of his gambling career, Barkley got into a debt of about $400,000 which he was sued for not being able to pay. He was a friend of another NBA player, Michael Jordan who reportedly taught him how to play casino games. Reports had it that Barkley still visited casinos to play games but was now conscious of how he got his money.

4. J.R Smith


J R Smith is a former NBA player who loves to play various kinds of casino games and was very good at them. He was good at casino games because he kept to some principles such as not using the bonuses or bonus free spins that were awarded to players on many slot machine games. Although he didn’t lose much money at betting, Smith lost about 15,000 US dollars in a briefcase to robbers.

Smith was known to be conscious of his gameplay and always made sure that he was on the safe side. Although he is known for his entertaining behavior on the basketball court, Smith was always serious while playing casino games to avoid losing money. Smith didn’t allow his multimillionaire status to make him spend extravagantly.

5. Antoine Walker


Antoine Walker is an NBA player that learned how to play casino games too from another NBA star, Michael Jordan. Walker had so many challenges throughout the years he played casino games. Gambling proved to be difficult for this NBA player and this caused a lot of problems.

He was known to have a gambling addiction and this gambling addiction led to the accumulation of debts which he struggled to pay off. The money that he owed more than 10 casinos in Las Vegas was more than 1 million US dollars. Many people portray him as one of those NBA players that saw the other side of gambling and this led his gambling career to be cut short. And this got to the point that he was arrested for failing to repay the debts that he owned.

Celebrities have been known to gamble most of their money away and NBA stars are not left out. Because of the huge amount of money they have, NBA players spend them on luxurious houses, exotic cars, and expensive jewelry. So some of them sometimes take this money to the casino to have some fun and try their luck on casino games. Although some of them failed woefully and ended up being bankrupt while some of them made a good amount of money playing casino games.

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