Kassem Gharaibeh Net Worth – 2024 Guide

The dual nationality, Kaseem G, is a gallant actor, comedian and an internet persona. The era of this eminent public figure began in 2008 and is still ruling the internet with his extravagant videos. The famous “California On” creator, who had figured his career as stand-up comedian today sketches his life to be successful.

About Kassem G


The truly unique Kassem G was born in the year 1983 on October 10. The 38 year old guy, fast on his humorous comedy, shed broad laughter over the internet with his jocular and authentic videos. In June 2011, he attended ‘Ray William Johnson’s Equals Three Series ‘ as a companion anchor.In the same year, Kassem met Ryan Higa, an American YouTuber and both amazingly featured in ‘Agents Of Secret Stuff’,a YouTube film.

He was like a star painted with left Kassem G in collaboration to Lisa Donovan and Shay Butler entrenched the maker studios in 2009. In 2014 on March 24th, they further powered their hands with ‘The Walt Disney Organization’ worth $500 million with an advance of $950 million.

Early life and Family


The comedian Kassem G was born in the Gharaibeh family of Amman. His mother is originally from Egypt and father from Jordan. After a couple of years,at a young age he migrated to Saudi Arabia. Later while he was four years old he shifted to Florida. Since then he was brought up in Ventura County, California and lived there. As Kassem was very secretive and reticent he never revealed about his family, personal status and relationships.

Career and Achievements


Initially Kassem G started working as a retailer at Best Buy Co., Inc. an American multinational company that sold electronics. The spark to be a comedian was still igniting so he spent his weekend doing stand up comedy. Also managed to act in cafés. Cory Williams, one of Kassem’s friends, came up with an idea to present his recordings on YouTube.

As time passes, Kassem makes recordings as his full-time income source because his friend Mr. Willam’s recordings on his YouTube channel became a new sensation. This was the main reason he introduced himself to the world of YouTube.That’s when Kassem’s era of aesthetic comedy, acting and internet evolution began and gained some potential to move further.

Kassem has two YouTube channels both with magnificent subscriptions which if summed would make an approximation of three million subscribers. Most of his videos have gained tremendous views in millions from all over the world.All his tireless hard work could be completely figured out when he won the best host 2013 ‘Streamy award‘.

Net Worth

As per the discussion on his assets of June 2024 Kassem has a total worth of $5 million in it. Maker Studios who has collaborated with Kassem estimates the net worth to be $500 million with a monetary advance of $950 million. The incentive of an eminent personality has created an out crate. His other source of income comes from two of his YouTube channels which is estimated to be nearly $120,000.

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