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KidBehindACamera’s Net Worth 2024


If you’re missing out on The Angry Grandpa Show destroying things that logically don’t need to be destroyed, you’re living under a rock! With 1.5 Billion views, this show is a YouTube staple. However, you might not have imagined that behind this hilarious classic, is the brain of Michael Green aka KidBehindACamera. While not as popular as the Angry Old Man in his standalone endeavors, Michael does have an impressive resume to himself.
In this article, we talk about the Personal Life, Career, Family, and Net Worth of KidBehindACamera.

About KidBehindACamera

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Michael Green is an independent Youtuber with his own channel boasting around 2.5 Million subscribers. Also, it’s to be noted that it’s just Michael who manages and owns the infamous TheAngryGrandpaShow and the Grandpa’s Corner. All three of these YouTube channels are extremely successful and combine to make up for 3 Billion views worldwide.
Ever since the inception of his personal channel in 2011, fans of Papa Green flocked to his new home. One of Green’s infamous pranks has also earned him another name, “Pickleboy”. In 2015, the Green household also released “Angry Grandpa: The Movie” on YouTube that garnered 1.5 Million views.
Standing at 5.7 ft tall, KidBehindACamera plays the character of an unhealthy, obese, and lazy but funny relatable “dude” in his videos. While he mostly comes up with sketches and activities, he also tends to share his personal life with the viewers.

Early Life and Family

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KidBehindACamera was Born on June 2nd, 1987 in South Carolina, the USA as Michael Brian Green. Being the youngest of four children, Mike grew up as the clown among the household. His parents, Charles Marvin Green Jr. and Tina Marie Sharp Green didn’t have the most lavish of lifestyles. If reports are to be believed, Martin’s childhood went by in scathing poverty.
Michael’s dad, Charles Marvin Green Jr. was one of the most recognizable YouTube celebrities as the famous Angry Grandpa. After the success of PickleBoy’s idea in creating the hilarious Angry Grandpa Show, the family has come a long way.
In 2015, Michael could afford and gifted a new house to his father. However, the Angry Grandpa, Marvin Green, sadly passed away as he succumbed to Liver Cirrhosis on December 10th, 2017 at the age of 67.
Michael is now engaged to Bridgette West who also has her own YouTube channel. Pickleboy and Bridgette are now parents to little Mia Nicole born in early-2019 and also features on KidBehindACamera videos.

Career and Major Milestones

Following were the most incredible and recognizable moments from KidBehindACamera’s career:
• In 2010, he started the YouTube channel Angry Grandpa Show. This channel has got 4.64 million subscribers as of now.
• KidBehindACamera was set up on July 5, 2011 by Michael and immediately soared in popularity. The initial jump was a million in a few months which now stands at 2.46 million subscribers.
• Grandpa’s Corner, a channel dedicated to cooking and much more was established on July 11 2011. With 949,000 subscribers, this channel will become the third to hit a million subscribers soon.
• Adam Haskell and Preston Hutcherson directed “Angry Grandpa: The Movie”, which was released on YouTube featuring most of the characters from Pickleboy to Angry Grandpa.
• Michael Green came up with an album called, “Ashes” to honor his late father in 2018.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About KidBehindACamera

• While it’s common for people to call Michael “Pickleboy”, the name comes from a prank gone wrong when he tried to hurl pickle onto the Angry Grandpa but it didn’t go to plan.
• While people mourned after Marvin passed away, Michael was in severe shock and trauma and lost more than 20 KGs after the incident.
• Michael himself was diagnosed with Type-II Diabetes in 2018 as a result of his obesity and eating habits. He tries to maintain a better lifestyle for his family and himself.
• After his diagnosis, Michael worked tirelessly to become healthier and lose weight, which he’s been successful at, going from 190 kgs to 170 kgs in a one-year span.

Net Worth of KidBehindACamera

Michael Green, playing KidBeindACamera is worth an astonishing 1.3 Million US Dollars. The YouTube page, averaging around 40,000 views per day, Green also accumulates upto $2,500 per day, just through the advertising. However, it’s only the tip of the iceberg considering the unknown amount of sponsorship and broadcast investment.

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