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Redd Pepper Net Worth 2024


Meet the epic voice behind movie trailers. Redd Pepper ? Yes, it’s Redd Pepper, the one who is whole and soul known for his prominent voice. The voices in the trailers of movies and series usually don’t interest or those are the areas that we ignore.

But the voice of such artists is what gives flavour to the trailers making them extraordinary. This eminent personality was once a train driver. That’s when the gates opened for him towards becoming an voice over artist. To know about this interesting persona who worked for the trailers of the biggest hits ‘Men In Black’, Boogie Nights’, etc. stay tuned.

About Redd

Who is Richardson Green then? Well it’s none other than Redd Pepper which is his real name. His flair of vocals is similar to that of Da LaFontaine. This Barbadian voice over artist is listed as one among the UK’s famous artists in the same field. Redd is an effortless artist with his angles of vocals always edged and he has also worked for companies like Tesco and Kelloggs for creating magnanimous bulletins, advertisements, etc. Realistic artists like him always boom the voices across the world rendering to advancement.

Early Life And Family

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Barbados was Redd’s native, he was born in Caribbean but then he along with his sisters and brothers was moved to the United Kingdom. He initially started as an employee at McDonald’s after the completion of his high school in Sedgehill High School. He further worked at the fire station. After a few years he became a tube motorist working for the underground metro department situated in London. This very employment help him recognize his strength and the talent of rendering voice overs which helped him reach the peaks of trailering. Much is not known about his family as he is a very reserved or reticent person.

Redd’s Career And Major Milestones

  • Redd Pepper rendered his service at the London Metro as a driver where he used to do announcements or talk to people when he was bored. Once it was a movie director who travelled through the metro which Redd was driving. When he started making announcements or talking to the mob , this director was impressed by the voice that he was blessed with and went to him to give his card to contact him. This is when his career kick started followed by delivering voice overs to several platforms like television, promotions, etc.
    1996 was a special year when he started performing voice overs for many trailers.
  • Space Jam was his prime work.
  • In a video game named ‘Shadow Man’ was another milestone where he gave his voice.
  • What makes Redd’s voice similar to that of Da LaFontaine? It was the ‘Independence Day’ and ‘Armageddon’ of Michael Bay which led people in a dilemma.
  • His fame echoed through miles and miles that he was replaceable to Peter Dickson who was selected to voice over for the ‘X Factor’.

Things you didn’t know about Richardson

  • He was also famous for his entertainment at the Edinburgh Festive Productions.
  • In 2010 ,Redd featured in a TV event called ‘Eggheads‘.
  • He also hosted the Night Show in 2017.
  • Other than his trailers ,his TV shows like The One and Culture Show are famous.
  • His voice is his career so he purchased insurance worth $10million only for the sake of his vocal cords.

Net Worth

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1 Million US dollars is the total estimated worth Redd Pepper has based on recent studies.

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