Why Was Legion The Last Good Update?

The World of Warcraft – Legion update saw the light in 2016, immediately winning the favor of many enthusiastic gamers. Usually, by modern popular expansions experienced players mean Warlords of Draenor, Legion, Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands. Among professionals and amateurs, only Legion is considered to be a really successful expansion, while Warlords of Draenor or Battle for Azeroth have not gained such a high demand.

Shadowlands is arguably on par with WoD or BfA in terms of features, but significantly inferior to Legion.

A little bit about Warlords of Draenor


This version has many attractive features for players. However, despite bright and eventful raids, the good power leveling, the main negative aspect was the content of this expansion. Gamers could access a very small number of raids. In addition, only two patches of this game are available, as well as the fact that there hasn’t been released updates for over a year. Even the main feature of Warlords of Draenor, the garrisons, caused a lot of criticism and censure.

In the new game update, WoW fans were unpleasantly surprised by the lack of a number of familiar features, such as:

  • certain class of abilities;
  • re-forging;
  • item descriptions: some have been completely removed, others significantly reduced to brief descriptions.

In addition, the game world faced a reduction in the professions abilities. It was not possible to conquer many boxes, items and nests began to appear completely unexpectedly. In this release, the creators deprived gamers of the ability to dispose of their ammunition, allowing them only to put it on and use it immediately.

Major drawbacks of Battle for Azeroth


The fresh version of Azeroth armor was, in fact, a rather unfortunate imitation of Legion artifacts. It did not bring tangible advantages itself and only slightly enhanced the effect of some items.

Raid item sets, as well as their bonuses were removed from the version. In addition, some legendary artifacts disappeared. As a result, your hero was inferior to its version in the previous release, even after a thorough upgrade.

The creators of the new version were right in some respects. After all, every new game cannot consist only of reinforcements.

Wrath of the Lich King had an unbalanced update. Especially in comparison to TBC or Vanilla. Cataclysm is a development that no longer had the unbalanced WotLK, which caused negative reactions among players. The release of Mists of Pandaria Blizzard was marked by many new features. In particular, there was a huge selection of the class’s abilities. The lack of talents was easily mitigated by druids using Symbiosis. It was in Warlords of Draenor that the developers gave an unpleasant surprise to gamers by removing their favorite toys.

How did Shadowlands fall short of expectations?

Many WoW fans were hoping for Shadowlands as a sufficiently powerful update to match WotlK, MoP or Legion. But the owners of the game platform failed to live up to such expectations. Despite their efforts to tangibly diversify Blizzard’s content, this version lacked any advantage in terms of character strength. While all Shadowlands updates are far from released, players probably shouldn’t expect any radical changes from this expansion. But you still can buy WoW boost and get whatever you want.

Benefits of Legion upgrade


Legion expansion is the direct opposite of all previous versions of WoW. It included a lot of interesting innovations for both beginners and experienced gamers. A number of the most popular specializations have been upgraded, among them:

  • Outlaw
  • Survival
  • Obedience

The introduction of a qualitatively new unrestricted hero enhancement was pleasant as well. Not everyone liked the power of the artifact, but this feature takes part in different parts of the content. Of particular interest is the content system of valuable artifacts.

Legion is a unique version, offering its players many fabulous items that can fundamentally change the course of the game, giving, for example, the ability to immediately use a talent without reloading against multiple enemies.

Legion is the sixth expansion. Like its predecessor, it features the theme of returning to roots. However, it is not emphasized too explicitly.

Gul’Dan discovers the tomb of Sargeras, the leader of the demons, in a dungeon and attempts to resurrect him.

Meanwhile, insidious hordes seek to conquer Azeroth and destroy its civilians. The first blow will come to the Broken Isles, where not only Sargares’s crypt is located, but also Illidan’s chambers.

The Broken Isles consist of six territories. Each one has a different history. There are still settlements of night elves in the western part, but their numbers are greatly diminished. In the north, the Taurens have taken over almost entirely. In the east, an army of fearsome demons replaced Vrykul.

The Horde and Alliance attack will come from the south, where is now located the common capital, Dalaran, but the attack will fail. Several key heroes will not return from the battle. A long struggle with powerful enemies will await the gamer.

The new version of Legion brought back many beloved characters to the gaming community. In addition, the developers also restored access to some particularly attractive weapons, which are the dream of many gamers. For example, Legion characters can:

  • go into the Emerald Nightmare;
  • visit the Tomb of Sargeras;
  • take on the Burning Legion at Argus.

In addition, the creators of the project please the players with new local quests, as well as an epochal mode. Each class here has its own content with a variety of bonuses and rewards. For example, in the form of class mounts.


The Mage Tower and the Death of Chromie feature entertaining content and each of the professions has its own set of quests.

So, why is Legion, according to many players, the last of the successful versions of the WoW project? Rather, because this particular game was unusual for gamers and required unconventional solutions and approaches. Despite the fact that there is unbalanced content in Shadowlands and Battle for Azeroth, gamers still didn’t get as much adrenaline and adventures from them as from Legion.

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