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Milburn Stone Net Worth 2024


Milburn Stone is a renowned name in the film industry. He was an American actor who left behind a legacy through his role ‘Doc Adams’ in Gunsmoke. It was a TV series which was on air for two decades.

With his sad demise, he left a space in the film industry that can be filled by none. Read on to know more about this star!

About Milburn Stone

Hugh Milburn Stone was born to Herbert Stone and Laura Belfield on 5th July 1904 in Burrton, Kansas.

He attended Burrton High School. His long acting career extended from 1919 to 1975. When Gunsmoke ended after its long 20-years-run, Stone retired and eventually passed away at the age of 75.

Early Life And Family

During High School, he was interested in basketball, drama club, and singing in a quartet. To pursue acting he had even declined the US Naval Academy’s offer. His career launched when he dived into Vaudeville. Further, his uncle Fred Stone connected him to Broadway, kick-starting Milburn’s career in the theater. Milburn had a very charming personality as a youngster.

Ellen Morrison, who died in 1937, was Stone’s first wife. She used to travel with him during his theater days. They both are survived by their daughter Shirley Stone Gleason (1962). Jane Garrison was Stone’s second wife who also died in 2002.

About His Death

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Stone died of a heart attack on July 12, 1980. He had bypass surgery 9 years back, i.e. in 1971 owing to his heart complications. He was laid to rest at the El Camino Memorial Park Cemetery in San Diego, California.

His Career And Major Milestones

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Stone debuted in Hollywood with his first movie “The Princess comes across” in the 1930s. After 5 years of getting insignificant roles (sailor, detective, clerks, etc,.) he began to gain more prominent roles in the 1940s. They are seen in movies like “Gung Ho!” and “I’ll Remember April.” Then he had roles coming in for many movies like Chasing Trouble and The Phantom Cowboy. It’s a fact that his career often ricocheted from big roles to gigs with unbilled status. Captive Wild Woman (1943), Roadblock (1951), Black Tuesday (1954), Smoke Signal (1955), and other movies featured his major supporting roles.

Dr. Adam Galen, the character of an old physician in the series “Gunsmoke” by CBS radio, was the most legendary role he played. He was highly praised for this TV series which was broadcasted from 1955 till 1975. During these 20 years, Stone appeared in all the episodes except for the ones he missed because of his heart surgery.

The role earned him an Emmy Award for Outstanding Performance in 1968. Owing to his cinematic brilliance, he was also revered with a Star in the prestigious Hollywood Walk of Fame!

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Milburn Stone

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  • In 1981 Milburn was enlisted in the Hall of Great Western Performers, Oklahoma.
  • During his entire classic career, he was featured in 168 movies.
  • He also received an honorary doctorate from St Mary Of The Plains, Kansas.

Net Worth

Milburn accumulated a net worth of $600,000 which is comparable with today’s $1.8M. Gunsmoke earned him most of his fortune.

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