How Do Scientists Define God and Religion?

There has always been a relationship between religion and science. In fact, it was always the subject of the philosophy and theology debate. The main question is whether religious beliefs are conducive to science or they just represent the obstacle to scientific exploration. Moreover, do scientists define the existence of God and religion?

Many books and scientific articles would make people believe that somehow science has disproved the existence of God. As we know the scientific concept of how the universe is functioning does not include the Creator. This means that God is simply unnecessary. They believe in the Big Bang theory. We know how everything functions in different scientific fields. However, does all of this knowledge disprove the pre-existence of the outside force that has been linked to our universe?


It is very interesting that even scientists or people in other professions hold different positions about religion and the role of God. Therefore, we are going to provide you with an answer to whether the scientists approve of the supernatural force. One group of scientists holds the position called scientism.

According to them, the science and the facts they know are enough for discovering everything there is to know about the universe. However, there is another group of scientists that hold a deism idea. Due to this concept, God created all things and set the universe in motion.

However, God no longer actively directs physical phenomena. There is even a third group of scientists that are theists. According to their opinion, they believe in God and that God actively intervenes in the world. As you can see, there are many scientists who believe in the existence of God. Some of them think that God is a prime mover, and some hold the opinion that God is an active force in the universe. There is no conflict or anything wrong with being a rigorous scientist and at the same time a person who believes in a God and that God has an interest in every one of us. In general, the primary goal and domain of science are to explore nature. When we are talking about God’s domain it refers to the spiritual world. This world can not be explored and explained with the language of science, with facts, or some tools. A spiritual world needs to be examined with the heart, soul, and mind of the individual. Therefore, all scientists who are religious and believe in God look for God in the fields that science does not understand or has not explained. Basically, there are truly many things that science can not explain. This is why they can not really disapprove of the existence of God. There is something beyond science and that is the most important fact regarding our article.


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