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The World’s First Dogecoin Cruise Will Sail in Spring 2024

The Dogecoin community is well known for its love of cryptocurrency, and some of its members recently launched a “ship” full of dog figurines that will cruise the seas for one day (and one night) in the Bahamas in 2024. The Dogecoin Cruise will be a full day event, with a “dogecoin-themed party” at the beginning of the day, and a cruise during the evening.

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency with a very unique and interesting technological background. It was created in 2013 by programmer Billy Markus. The currency is based on a “shiba inu”, a Japanese dog breed (pictured above) that was originally intended to be a meme, but ended up being used for something much more.

The inaugural Dogecoin cruise will sail in Spring 2024, the same time as the 2024 World Cup in Qatar. It is scheduled to depart from San Francisco and sail around the world, initially stopping in the Bahamas, then St. Thomas, and the Virgin Islands, before continuing its voyage around the world. While the Dogecoin cruise has been masterminded by organizer Justin “Ploppa” Wang, it is a collaborative effort between a number of different members of the Dogecoin community.

There are themed rides for everyone from quilters and cat lovers to bikers and disco dancers. We can now add crypto-currency enthusiasts to that list.

Flip Phone Events and Dream Vacations are hosting the first ever holiday for dogecoin and crypto-currency enthusiasts. The four-day celebration is scheduled for the 7th. April 2024 on the newly renovated Celebrity Summit from Miami.

Flip Phone and Dream Vacations are the producers of Golden Fans at Sea, Golden Girls Fan Cruise with Celebrity. The new Celebrity Apex is expected to attract up to 1,000 fans in January 2024 for the event celebrating the popular TV show.

Okay, but what is Dogecoin and why is there a cruise for its fans?

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Cryptocurrencies are a type of digital currency that can be used to pay for goods in the online world. Most of them, including bitcoin – the best known of them all – and dogecoin, are based on an encrypted digital record of transactions called the blockchain.

Although the crypto-currency market is notoriously volatile, with huge swings in value on an almost daily basis, Dogecoin has become one of the top performers in terms of market value, according to The first Dogecoin to change hands in early 2014 was worth $0.001540753. It currently trades at about 30 cents, giving it a market capitalization of nearly $40 billion.

Much of Dogecoin’s growth can be attributed to the interest of Tesla founder Elon Musk, who has been promoting the cryptocurrency – in one form or another – on social media and during his appearance as host of Saturday Night Live.

Organizers of the cruise say it will be an opportunity for enthusiasts to meet and share their passion.

You will leave the cruise with many of your daughter’s friends. You won’t have to bore your non-dog friends with conversations on the dock anymore, because after this cruise you’ll have hundreds of new friends to talk to, the organizers write on their website.

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Celebrity Summit (Photo courtesy of Celebrity Cruises)

The Celebrity Summit cruise, called Cruise to the Moon, departs from Miami, with stops in Key West and Nassau and a day at sea. The themed cruise includes events such as a sailing party, Crypto 101 workshops, the Doge Bar Crawl in Key West, a beach party in Nassau, blackjack tournaments, singles nights and more.

The moon cruise’s name comes from the fact that the Canadian company is working with SpaceX to put a satellite called Doge-1 into orbit next year. Geometric Energy Corporation says it will pay for the mission in Dogecoin.

Cruise prices start at $799 per person, which includes unlimited drinks, free Wi-Fi, gratuities and taxes with Celebrity’s recently revised fare structure. In addition to the deposit, which must be paid by credit card, passengers can pay for the entire cruise with Dogecoin.For the uninitiated, cryptocurrency is a digital currency created through encryption and is based on peer-to-peer technology. And it’s becoming more popular than ever this year. In fact, you may have heard of Dogecoin, which is a cryptocurrency that was inspired by the popular internet meme, “Doge” and was created in December 2013.. Read more about how to use dogecoin and let us know what you think.

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