What Strategies Do Casinos Use to Keep People Gambling for Longer?

We will be honest with you from the beginning of this article. Casinos exist to extract money from their users. That is their goal because that is the only way they would be profitable. And it’s obvious that this approach is working for them, considering that the gambling industry has never been more developed and bigger.

The existence of online casinos has further improved their position in the market. In fact, instead of going to a casino, people can simply use their computer or mobile phone and access their favorite games.

The industry has developed to such an extent that there are already localized online casinos, but also those that are available all over the world. Major gambling franchises are switching to simple online solutions so they can attract a larger audience.

Just look at the example of Lucky Creek online casino – it has everything gambling fans need and even more. This means, there’s really no need to leave the house when there are such elegant solutions online.

But if you think that you are in control of your game and that every penny you spend is your decision, we have to disappoint you with the fact that casinos do it better than you.

Let’s take a look at some interesting ways they entice you to stay loyal while making sure you made that decision yourself. But casinos are known to use certain tricks to achieve this. Let’s see how it happens.

1. You play with chips instead of money

This is typical for land-based casinos, but it often happens online as well. In fact, chips are a substitute for real money, but they look much more colorful and naive than taking out a few bills on the table. But each chip has its own monetary value and in the end, you have to pay the money you lost anyway.

2. There are no clocks anywhere nearby


When we are focused on an activity, we have no idea of the time that has passed. It’s a trick that casinos use to their advantage. Even when playing online, the app is full screen and if you check the time, you’ll have to start the game again. Impractical for you, but ideal for the casino.

3. Casinos look like mazes

Casinos are made to be adult playgrounds, which means they look like a maze, and in every corner, there is a new challenge. In fact, adults are no different than children when there is some excitement around them.

Online casinos cannot be directly compared to this concept, but surely even playing at least one advertisement will catch your attention. At some point, you will join another service and spend more money.

Gamblers love luxury, so land-based casinos are bright and beautifully decorated. Even the online versions have a great interface, which really attracts players to stay longer and invest more money.

4. You can easily discover them online

SEO agencies and content writers have their hands full when they need to promote such content. Many blogs and guest articles are written daily to achieve backlink building and increase search relevance.

When we are overwhelmed with such promotions all around us, it is quite expected that at some point we give in and test for ourselves what exactly is happening.

5. Marketing is sometimes too aggressive


Interesting ads with huge potential, that’s the strategy used by casinos. The ads talk about big bonuses and jackpot winnings. Well, even if you are the biggest skeptic, you must admit that at least once you have been attracted by such an ad.

They are made in a way that makes you feel confident and comfortable, and once they have your attention, it’s easy to get your money.

6. Alcohol in casinos is free

You already leave enough money, so those few drinks of yours are already paid for. Because of this, it is easy to believe that you have received something for free when in reality you have actually paid more than necessary.

However, this is one of the most common practices in land-based casinos, where you can drink a few alcoholic drinks and get false confidence that you are sure to win the next round.

But the truth is, you probably won’t win, or you’ll really spend a lot of money until you do.

Fortunately, drinking while playing online casinos is your choice, so we can’t blame the gambling operators for your behavior.

7. You can get a hotel room and a meal

If you gamble until the wee hours of the morning and can’t go home, the casino will probably offer you room and board. People who have been drinking while gambling will take this offer, but it’s just one big trap. In fact, you won’t leave the casino and will probably continue gambling the next day.

8. The lighting effects are really attractive


Apart from the fact that casinos are made to look like mazes, they also attract you with flashlights, vibrant colors, and winning sound effects. This excites even the least naive people. That’s why you often hear stories about someone you know becoming a gambler, even though you would never associate them with anything like that.

Such light and sound effects can make you lose track of the time spent and the money spent, and trust us – that’s exactly what casinos love.


Finally, we can say that anyone can become a naive victim of these tricks that casinos use to squeeze as much money as possible out of their pocket. But there is always a chance to become aware of it and prevent a bigger loss.

Online casinos for real money are a great opportunity to take a step forward and avoid such tricks. Try to establish control over expenses and be focused on bankroll management. Also, measure the time you spend gambling. Cut back by a few minutes each day. There is an opportunity to get out of the traps of casinos, but you have to really want it.

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